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Saturday, February 25, 2012

So Much Can be Accomplished in Just One Week

In the week since I blogged about joining the Biggest Loser competition at work, so much more has been accomplished.

I am now able to run 5K+ distances.
I am fitting back into my regular pants.  That don't involve elastic waistbands.
I am eating healthier.

I still enjoy chocolate.  But in moderate quantities.
I still enjoy coffee.  But probably in too large of quantities. [Note: some things are really hard to change.] Oh, but with much less sugar in each cup!

I am stronger.

But most importantly, I simply feel better.

Since the fab hubby is pretty security-conscience (duh), I decided to take it to heart when he said he's really ok with me running the Wadi by myself.  So I got past the 'it feels so desolate here!'  Twice this week I ventured out solo to the Wadi for a run.

I still feel like I'm going to be attacked by this.
 I'll admit - it's still kinda creepy.  A good part of me feels like I'm a character in Star Wars about to be attacked by Tusken Raiders.  Turns out the desert part of Star Wars was filmed in Tunisia.  Ummmm....hello!  Tunisia is totally two countries to the west of here.  No wonder it looks the same.

In any case, I rocked out a a 4.5 mile run today, and it felt good.  (And if you're wondering, I was not attacked by Tusken Raiders.)

The rest of the week's workouts were spent at the gym or on my own elliptical at home.  I've also thrown in some free weights and the fab hubby taught me some great upper arm exercises I can do with the free weights that were different from the routines I've been doing.

Things I tell myself?  Even if it's only 20 minutes on the elliptical, it's worth it.  Because it's much more than I was doing before.

If I eat too much, I'll be uncomfortable.  And I don't miss the elastic-waist pant.

If I eat too much, I'll also have to work out a lot more, and I'm already short enough on time as it is.  At work, I spend my lunch hour at the gym.  There is only one lunch hour.  Not two!

This coming week?  I'm adding more free weights.  More time on my runs (headed toward the 10K distance!).  And I'm also going to work on getting to sleep earlier.  My friend Jen recently blogged about giving up being a night owl for Lent.  I think I'm going to hop on that train as well for Lent this year.  Since I'm focused on taking better care of myself, this is definitely something I need to do.

It's been a good week!  3 weeks down in the Biggest Loser, 6.5 lbs lighter, 13 weeks to go.  I'm not going to say it's been easy - because it certainly hasn't been.  But I feel like I'm on the path to success.

Half -way through my 4.5 mile run today.
It was awesome!


  1. You totally are! And you're totally inspiring me! I'm having a HARD time getting with the swing of this right now. ARGH. Do you carry something with you on the Wadi? Like Mace or something? I hope so. I would hate for a Star Wars creature to carry you off. ;-)

    But seriously, so amazing. Have you heard of the Kelly Ripa arms workout? You take a weighted ball - I use 6 lbs, I will use 8 lbs again one day, Matt uses much heavier ones, and with the ball in your hands, and your arms stretched out straight in front of you, you form the letters of the alphabet, both upper and lower case, swinging your arms all the way up and down. It is an INTENSE workout and produces results (and sore muscles.) If you can get your hands on one of those balls I totally recommend it. :)

    GO HEATHER!!!!

  2. Good job! I guess should get off of the computer and hit the gym.

  3. Keep plugging away!