Welcome to the Wandering Drays!

Not all who wander are lost...

Welcome to my blog dedicated to my family and our crazy foreign service life. Never content with staying in one place, we are excited to share our journey. We've survived two unaccompanied tour (Baghdad 2010-2011 and Baghdad again in 2015-2016), multiple TDYs, and enjoyed a two-year family assignment in Cairo, Egypt. The fab hubby is currently learning Turkish for our next assignment...Istanbul, Turkey! We leave for Turkey sometime in summer 2017. I write about what I know. Which is mainly kids, tween drama, gross pets, dealing with lots of government info, our moving adventures, being a nurse, yoga, running, living on too-little sleep, and an addiction to coffee lattes. I hope you'll enjoy this glimpse into our lives.

Legal Shenanigans

I truly think most of this goes without saying, but...

The views expressed on this blog are purely mine and mine alone.  They are not the views of the U.S. Government or any of its agencies including (but not limited to) the Department of State and the U.S. Army. Or come to think of it, Starbucks (I just love their lattes).  Or other organizations.  Or other governments.  Or other countries.  Or other planets.

I represent no one other than myself on this blog.  It's a personal blog and I make no claims otherwise.

Just cuz I love Starbucks...doesn't mean I represent Starbucks Corporation.