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Welcome to my blog dedicated to my family and our crazy foreign service life. Never content with staying in one place, we are excited to share our journey. We've survived two unaccompanied tour (Baghdad 2010-2011 and Baghdad again in 2015-2016), multiple TDYs, and enjoyed a two-year family assignment in Cairo, Egypt. The fab hubby is currently learning Turkish for our next assignment...Istanbul, Turkey! We leave for Turkey sometime in summer 2017. I write about what I know. Which is mainly kids, tween drama, gross pets, dealing with lots of government info, our moving adventures, being a nurse, yoga, running, living on too-little sleep, and an addiction to coffee lattes. I hope you'll enjoy this glimpse into our lives.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cheeky BFF Starbucks Latte Takes on Colorado Springs

My time in Colorado at Ft. Carson is coming to an end, and my BFF Starbucks Latte has also enjoyed his time here as well.  He has accompanied me to the ER on post, while sightseeing, and has welcomed me back to the car at the end of a run (Note: unless I am running with Kellen and his stroller with a cupholder, BFF Latte doesn't accompany me while I'm running.  He's too lazy to tough it out.  Instead, he waits it out in the car.).  He's an early riser, meeting up with me at my favorite local Starbucks where it took the fabulous Baristas there all of one day to remember me and my high-maintainence high-speed latte order.

In fact, BFF Latte had such a good time here in Colorado Springs, that it was virtually a vacation for him, despite the fact that I was here primarily to work!

On the first day, BFF Latte had his picture taken in front of Cheyenne Mountain - which can be seen outside of Ft. Carson (sorry, due to Army regs, no pics of Post allowed on the internet. So no photos of BFF Latte in the ER, although rest assured he fully supported me for at least 2 hours of every shift).  

On my day off, BFF Latte and I headed out to Garden of the Gods to do some sightseeing.  What a great time!  Garden of the Gods is without a doubt my favorite spot here.  In fact, during my second week in Colorado Springs, I did a gorgeous 5-mile run through the Garden, enjoying the distant view of Pikes Peak and the trails around the rock structures.  Anyway, while sightseeing, BFF Latte posed in front of Garden of the Gods - with Pikes Peak in the background.  Look how relaxed he is...

Later, we traveled to Manitou Springs and then to the nearby Cliff Dwellings.  This is where the BFF Latte got a little cheeky, posing in places he probably shouldn't have been...

So there you it.  A sightseeing extravaganza from the point of view of my Starbucks Latte.  I'm leaving Colorado Springs tomorrow and one of my favorite Starbucks ever.  But no worries, because I know where I can get my BFF Latte at the local Starbucks where I live in Ohio.  My hope and dream is that the Starbucks in Cairo will be equally good with my high-speed order when we arrive there in late August!  I'll be sure to showcase  the BFF latte photos in Cairo as well!

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